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     [FLASH] #PrayForThePhilippines Disaster Relief Project
     Posted: Nov 11 2013, 08:42 AM

    Posts: 371
    Joined: 11-February 13
    Age: 22
    Location: offf in seoul~~
    Team: A

    On November 8, 2013, the supertyphoon Yolanda ripped through the Philippines as the most devastating natural disaster in Philippines' history.

    There are most likely more than a thousand people that are dead and millions are injured and displaced from their homes.

    We ask today for fans to help the victims in the Philippines by donating to YG Princes. We in turn, will be donating to the Philippines Red Cross in the name of WINNER and Team B.

    We will be accepting donations through Paypal

    You may donate in any currency you wish (they will be converted to PHP in the end).

    Please send your donations to as 'Family/Friend Donation' (that way, your donation will be in full instead of being deducted by Paypal fees). Please write #PrayforPhilippines in the 'Notes' section so that we will know where to put your donation.

    Please fill out this form after you have donated

    [b]Paypal E-mail:[/b]
    [b]Amount Donated:[/b]

    Coming soon!


     Posted: Nov 11 2013, 09:34 AM
    Crown Donors

    Posts: 16
    Joined: 10-November 13
    Age: N/A
    Location: On my chair; in my room
    Team: A

    Um... since my questions in Chatango wasn't answered... (I'm guessing you are all busy updating the site's info and suchs) I'll just ask this here, so you can get to it when you have the time. And others can refer back to your answered if needed.

    I would like to ask if the details that you asked for:

    Paypal E-mail:
    Amount Donated:

    could be send privately to you by pm instead of posting here? Because I'm really uncomfortable with using my real name online.

    And also, how do we choose the 'Friend/Family donation' option? I can't seem to find this anywhere... I get that it should be under Send Payment tab and I saw somewhere online (googled it) that this option should be under this but it doesn't appear in mine... Never mind, found out that this option is only for US users...

    [Edit] I made the transaction and went ahead to PM you the details... please check your pm box. Err... by 'you' I meant miss ramyun, by the way.
     Posted: Nov 12 2013, 07:35 AM

    Posts: 10
    Joined: 23-October 13
    Age: N/A
    Location: N/A
    Team: OT11

    Thank you international fans!
    I am Lai from Philippines and I appreciate you all your concerns and help to my country. Btw I am part of the family of Winner Philippines.
     Posted: Nov 16 2013, 08:23 AM

    Posts: 14
    Joined: 7-November 13
    Age: 20
    Location: 新加坡。
    Team: OT11

    Name: cassandra
    Paypal E-mail:
    Amount Donated: $6SGD

    icon; mondtrunken
     Posted: Nov 16 2013, 06:54 PM

    Posts: 103
    Joined: 8-September 13
    Age: N/A
    Location: N/A
    Team: A

    Name: Derby
    Paypal E-mail:
    Amount Donated: $5

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