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     [OFFICIAL] News Rules
     Posted: Feb 12 2013, 03:40 PM

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    user posted image
    Please read these before posting!

    01. YG Princes General Rules apply

    02. Posting
    ♔ Please make sure that no one else has created a thread of the same content.

    03. Formatting
    ♔ Titles - Please create titles in the following format:
    [TAG] yymmdd Article Name

    ♔ This is so that when going through the forum, it's easier to navigate and organize.

    04. Credits
    Always remember to give the original article creator and the translator credits (if not translated already).
    ♔ Please place credits at the end of the article in the following format:
    [b]Source:[/b] [url=SourceLink (if available)]Source Name[/url]
    [b]Translation Credits:[/b] Translator Name @ [url=]YG Princes[/url]
    [b]Reporter:[/b] Your Name @ YG Princes

    05. Tags
    Use the following tags in creating the topic titles:
    [NEWS] - Articles from online news websites (ie. Newsen, Osen, etc.)
    [TRANS] - Translations from interviews, magazines, etc.
    [INFO] - Information
    [RANK] - Chart rankings (ie. Polls, Music charts, etc.)
    [OTHER] - Other relevant content

    Feel free to ask a staff member if you have any questions!
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