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     [ANN] 131025 WINNER Debut Forum Layout
     Posted: Oct 24 2013, 11:46 PM

    Posts: 371
    Joined: 11-February 13
    Age: 22
    Location: offf in seoul~~
    Team: A

    Hello to all WINNER fans!

    If you were part of the members from the pre-registration period, you'll have noticed a HUGE change to our layout. It's a completely new and revamped layout look from our last one and has tons of new features in addition to the old ones you know and love!

    user posted image

    1. Floating Userbar
    One of the features that were transferred over from the last layout, we have kept the floating userbar for convenience sake. It's simple and very easy to use.

    2. Easy Navigation Part 1/2
    Easy Navigation Part 1/2 contains the most basic links to the various directories around the forum. Home simply brings you back to the forum home. Help lets you view the forum's help files for those who have never had the opportunity of having the experience of being on a forum. Search, like it's name, allows you to search for various different things in the forum. Members, just like its name implies, allows you to see the members in the forum. Lastly, Calendar, which is a new addition, allows you to see the calendar of events and schedules that WINNER has for the upcoming weeks.

    user posted image

    3. Announcements Box
    Another feature that we've brought over from our last layout, we have incorporated the announcements box to only show up when you enter a forum or any other page that's not the Forum Home page. In it are important topics that you should look over, any new announcements/projects/events, and the live chatbox.

    user posted image

    4. Latest Topics in SNS Updates and News
    A very new feature special to this layout, the forum's sidebar will feature the latest posted topics in the SNS Updates and News forums, so that you'll always know when and what latest news is posted about WINNER.

    user posted image user posted image

    5. Live Chatbox & Twitter Feed
    Something old yet new, we've switched out our old chat for a new LIVE chat, hosted by Chatango. The great thing about our new chatbox is that anyone can post in there, even non-members, and it updates LIVE, something that our old chatbox did not have features of. With that said, we will allow free rein over the chatbox, so please do not start any unnceccesary fanwars or bashing. We will also not allow any advertising.

    Twitter Feed is something new that we added in, so that you'll simply get real-time live updates of what's going on with WINNER.

    user posted image

    6. Shoutbox
    Not to be confused with the live chatbox, the shoutbox is for members only and is located towards the bottom of the forum.

    7. Master Navigation
    This is the holy of all holy navigations. Almost everything important that you need to know is located in this navigation.

    The Check Out column links to some of the more popular/important forums on here so that you can quickly get to your WINNER news.

    Our Network contains a list of links that are part of the YG Princes network. It includes our various SNS accounts as well as our subbing channels as well.

    The Affiliates category is a list of our affiliates. We have none at the moment (because we have not opened up affiliate applications yet), but we will soon, so please do apply then!

    Bugs/Feedback/Suggestions?: If you find any bugs/errors, would like to make a suggestion or just give some feedback, feel free to fill out the [LAYOUT] BUGS/ERRORS IN WINNER DEBUT LAYOUT in the Service Desk section.
    At this moment we are not taking any suggestions, since we would like to work out any errors before accepting more suggestions.

    Credits, Acknowledgements, Thanks: A BIG BIG HUGE thanks to [b]Lucky to designing and creating the new layout! Without her, we would totally be at a loss with a boring and drab layout, so we are so 'lucky' to have her with us to spice up the forums! If you happen to come across her, please don't forget to say thank you, since she worked immensely hard on it!

     Posted: Oct 25 2013, 12:41 AM

    Posts: 9
    Joined: 25-October 13
    Age: 19
    Location: M'Sia
    Team: B

    I really love the layout! Great job! biggrin.gif <3

    user posted image
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