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     [TWITTER] 131116 @WIN_JAPAN
     Posted: Nov 16 2013, 01:31 PM
    Subbing Coordinator

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    ステージ裏のWINNER! 間も無くの出番に緊張がMAX! #WINNERINJAPAN
    user posted image

    WINNER backstage! Nervous to the MAX on having to perform right now! #WINNERINJAPAN

    緊張のメンバーに熱い応援を! #WINNERINJAPAN

    The support of the nervous members! #WINNERINJAPAN

    開演しました!! いよいよWINNER登場です! #WINNERINJAPAN

    It’s already started!! WINNER finally appeared! #WINNERINJAPAN

    遂にWINNERの出番が開始しました! 1曲目は、『WIN:Who Is Next』のバトルでも披露された『Officially Missing You』のカヴァー!! 日本語詞を載せて、 日本のファンへのサプライズプレゼントです!! #WINNERINJAPAN

    WINNER’s opening act has started! The first song from the survival program WIN:WHO IS NEXT is Officially Missing You!! It was a surprise for the Japanese fans!! #WINNERINJAPAN

    ただ今、WINNERメンバーの初のMCです。 この日の為に、必死に日本語でのMCを練習したとのこと。。 リーダーのカン・スンユンを中心に、日本のファンへの初めての自己紹介!! #WINNERINJAPAN user posted image

    Just now was the first WINNER member to MC. For today, the MCs worked hard to was mainly Leader Kang Seungyoon, who introduced himself to the Japanese fans!! #WINNERINJAPAN

    2曲目は10/25の最終バトルで披露された、メンバー自作の『Go Up』!! WINNERらしいPOPな曲!! メンバーの歌もダンスも絶好調です!! #WINNERINJAPAN user posted image

    The second song is from the final battle that was on 10/25, the members’ self-composed song Go Up!! It seems like it’s WINNER’s pop song!! The members are even great at dancing!! #WINNERINJAPAN

    大勢のお客さんもWINNERのステージに熱い声援を下さってます! #WINNERINJAPAN user posted image

    The stage of WINNER who has big popularity is being met with hot support!

    2曲という短い時間でしたが、WINNERのオープニングアクト出演、 また、日本での初めてのステージが終了しました! メンバーも緊張していましたが、楽しんでパフォーマンスできたようです!!

    During the very short time period of the two songs, WINNER’s happy performance has ended like this in Japan! #WINNERINJAPAN

    Japanese-Chinese: 姜胜允吧
    Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
    Take out with full credits

    user posted image
     Posted: Nov 18 2013, 01:04 PM

    Posts: 61
    Joined: 26-October 13
    Age: 29
    Location: Philippines
    Team: A

    Thank you for sharing!^^

    Hopefully their performances would be included in the DVD.

    I'm glad that they had fun! <3

    user posted image user posted image
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