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     [FB] 131130 1TYM's Song Baek Kyung
     Posted: Nov 30 2013, 01:42 PM
    Subbing Coordinator

    Posts: 178
    Joined: 25-August 13
    Age: N/A
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    Team: N/A

    그렇다! 윈 B팀애들은 정말 한명 한명 다 사람이 된 애들같다.
    토요일인데도 불철주야 연습에 임하는 모습을 보고 감동먹고 왔다.
    B팀에 "송"씨 성 가진애랑 "진환"이름 가진애가 있던데...
    그래서 참 정이간다.
    짜식들~ㅎㅎ B팀 역시 완전체의 모습으로 데뷔하는게 하루빨리
    더욱 더 보고싶어졌다.

    That's right! All of the WIN Team B boys seem to have grown up to become people.
    Even though it's Sat., I was impressed with how they threw themselves into their practice and work.
    From Team B, the one with the surname 'Song' and 'Jinhwan'...That's why I feel for them.
    Rascals~ ㅎㅎ As expected, I totally want to see Team B debut more and more.

    Source: Song Baek Kyung's FB
    Translated by: wohuifei @ YG Princes
    Take out with full credits

    user posted image
     Posted: Nov 30 2013, 10:49 PM

    Posts: 103
    Joined: 8-September 13
    Age: N/A
    Location: N/A
    Team: A

    i totally didn't get the reference until i googled 1TYM
    sneaky Baekkyung, sneaky XD

    user posted imageuser posted image
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