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Posted by: YGPrinces Feb 12 2013, 10:18 AM
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Please take the time to read through the rules and follow them to have the best experience with the forum. These guidelines will apply throughout the whole forum

01. Respect
♔ Please respect everyone in the forum.
♔ Any sort of rude behavior will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is okay, bashing/insulting is not.

02. K.I.M. - Keep It Minor
♔ Remember that the forum has many members from various age groups, so please keep content PG-13.
♔ Profanity will not be allowed, regardless of the tone. Some people are uncomfortable with profanity in general.
♔ Any sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited.

03. No advertising
♔ You may only link to other sites or use promotional banners in your signatures.
♔ The linking of other fanforums/fansites are allowed in the Neighborhood Idols forum. Any links that are not related to such celebrities are prohibited.

04. No spamming
♔ Spamming is when you post the same content over and over (aka Double Posting) in order to increase your total post count. If you are found to be doing this multiple times, you will be warned. Please PM a moderator if you double post on accident.
♔ You are allowed to double post if you exceed the image limit and you have more.
♔ You must fulfill the 10 words or more requirement. Excessive emoticons, punctuation marks, and phrases such as OMG, LOL, YOLO, and the like are not allowed.

05. Images
♔ Please do not quote images. When quoting, take out the [ img ] & [ /img ] tags.
NO HOTLINKING! If you are posting images, please upload all images to an image hosting site such as Photobucket, Imgur, etc.

06. English please
♔ English is the international language, and as an international forum, we'd appreciate it if everyone kept their posts in English.
♔ You may post in your own language in the Around the World forum.

07. Quoting
♔ Do not quote the OP (original post), especially if it is overly long or has images in it. Please quote on the specific parts that are relevant to your comment.

Thank you for reading!
If you have more questions, feel free to PM a moderator or create a new thread in the forum.

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