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Posted by: ramyun Sep 5 2013, 09:15 PM
Staff Family

Administrators: We handle the forum duties and make sure that everything is running in order. Please don't ever hesitate to ask us questions since we work to make sure to that the forum constantly improves and evolves to be a community where all fans are welcomed.
ramyun - Bex (Founder)

Global Moderators: Upgraded from a moderator due to their great performance and contributions as a moderator, we have a high understanding of the rules of the forums and are always here to help keep conversation flowing. Rather than residing over our individual forums, we roam around making sure that the forums as a whole is a clean and friendly place to be as well as keep things organized.
ChoomTOP - Luci
xannetop - Roxanne
hanbins - Rajina

Tech Admin: We're essentially the guardians of the forum. From creating awesome looks to implementing cool new features that enhances your experience on the forums, we do it all.
luckystars - Lucky

Subbing Coordinators: In charge of bringing you lightning fast English subs, we make sure to bring you the highest quality subs possible for all fans to enjoy. We're the leaders in making sure that the subbing projects are always running smoothly and the videos are released on time.
wohuifei - Wei

Moderators: "We, the council, hereby declare you as guilt-free." Hello, we're the moderators! Each of us is in charge of around 2~3 forums, and our job is to make sure that no one breaks the rules so that everyone in the community will have the best experience as possible. We're also dubbed the all-knowing council, since we have a good understanding of the rules, so if you're ever confused about something, feel free to ask us!
yuufairy: - Yu
kennyyylaaah: - Kenny
luckystars: - Lucky
seodju: - Michelle
wildandyoung: - Michelle
frogy: - Warda
B.I - Dana

Designers: The residential painters of the forum, we make the awesome graphics you see laying around on the forum & on our other SNS. We're proud of our masterpieces, such as the promotional banners, and we could not be any happier to see our fans display them proudly outside of YG Princes. Our golden touch makes you want for more.
Melody: - Nor
ThaoThao: - Thaothao
Aurora: - Aurora
geeziBI: - Nur
inrahrah: - Nurul
.:beezep:.: - Aitana
vanglaze06: - Evan

Subbers: From timing and typesetting to encoding and uploading, we do it all. We work with the subbing coordinators to bring you our wicked fast English subbed releases.
maiwunz: Mai
suuyuri: Alexandra
kookiebear: Derby
maiwunz: Mai
kitaru: Kita

Translators: Not only do we work together with the subbing team, we also provide your latest news translations and updates so that you can stay on top of things with WINNER!
Jeni: Jeni
chrissy96: Christina
vipstarstruck: - Ming Yao
seodju: - Michelle
fanyheels: - Kristie

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