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     [NEWS] 140119 WINNER Gets Ready to Debut, Receives Valuable Advices
     Posted: Jan 19 2014, 12:49 AM

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    YG Entertainment’s newbie group WINNER (with members KANG SEUNGYOON, NAM TAEHYUN, KIM JINWOO, LEE SEUNGHOON & SONG MINHO) is getting ready for the debut under the instructions and advice from YG’s founder YANG HYUN SUK and the more experienced group, BIGBANG.

    On WINNER aired through Mnet on Jan 17, WINNER met with YANG to discuss incorporating their self-composed song in their debut album, while bonding with BIGBANG.

    On the show, YANG commented, “We are thinking end of February for their debut,” and added, “Because we wanted to maximize their composing skills, there has been a slight delay. But we want to produce an album that has a promising future.”

    But YANG’s critique on the song was harsh. Only NAM TAEHYUN was told that the song was generally good. YANG said, “Anyone can compose, but how you do it is important.”

    He asked, “How do you feel to be part of WINNER,” they answered, “It’s great,” “I feel more comfortable,” to which he said with disappointment, “That’s exactly opposite to what I’m feeling.”

    With a straight face he said, “People think you are the next BIGBANG, and if you keep doing music the way you did on WIN (a survival program that determined the formation of WINNER), that’s a big mistake,” and added, “You have to perform so people think ‘Yea, that’s YG’s work.’”

    He said, “I am nervous. You have to feel uncomfortable so there’s room to improve. Just being part of YG is not the ticket to success, you are competing against tens and hundreds of other groups. Complacency will take away everything you achieved.”

    “I think you should be more alert. You have to feel the hardship and discomfort. BIGBANG isn’t complacent, even now. You have to have something special that will set you apart from others. I mean it.” – YG
    At last he said, “I have nothing more to say. We will start from the beginning.” His harsh but truthful comment made WINNER even more determined.

    user posted image

    SONG MINHO commented, “I was so ashamed of myself. I have to work much harder,” while NAM TAEHYUN also said, “Like our boss said, we need to be more desperate.” KIM JINWOO added, “We will go back to how we felt at the very beginning.”
    WINNER devoted all their energy in their music, to satisfy not only their boss but the public as well.

    BIGBANG taught the boys how to be good entertainers. They recently joined BIGBANG on the opening stage of their Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour. It was their chance to bond with BIGBANG. They had a heart-to-heart with the more experienced artists.

    BIGBANG members were keen on giving advice. SEUNGRI said, “It’s important to leave a strong impression. When we just made a debut, T.O.P did a great impersonation of Yoon Mun Shik.” G-DRAGON tried to ease the tension with his comical acts.

    SEUNGRI said, “Having your own thing to show is a must. In variety show programs the MCs will ask you to show them something, and you have to be prepared.”

    TAEYANG added, “When doing dance moves, you all have to be aligned. It took me five years make myself be in line with the rest of the members on cameras.”

    YANG and BIGBANG’s active participation in giving advice and their eagerness to help is building excitement for the fans as WINNER will be making a debut soon.

    source : ygunited
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