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     [NEWS] 140128 YG Confirm WINNER's Debut and Posibbly Team B
     Posted: Jan 27 2014, 12:53 PM

    Posts: 25
    Joined: 25-October 13
    Age: 27
    Location: N/A
    Team: A

    Exciting news for early Winner fans. In response to the public unrest regarding YG Entertainment ‘s brand new boy group, Yang Hyun Suk has officially released word about Winner’s debut in person!

    In a public statement to Sports Korea, Yang Hyun Suk stated, “2014 will be an important year for YG Entertainment. Big Bang will release their 3rd full album in the summer. 2NE1 will become the first girl group to have a 2nd world tour. PSY will have a new release, and we will debut four new rookie groups.” It has been officially announced that Winner will debut in February.

    On their debut, he said, “Usually, rookie groups debut with digital singles, but WINNER is preparing an official album. Fearsome songs will be born from the members’ producing abilities and YG Entertainment’s producers.”

    Attached Image

    YG Entertainment will also be debuting a new girl group. He said, “It’s not an early generation-swap. Through these [rookies], the YGE artist spectrum will be much wider.”

    Furthermore, Yang Hyun Suk was asked if Team B would be one of the groups debuting this year. In response, YG mysteriously quipped, “That’s a secret.”

    Any guesses on who those four groups could be?

    Attached Image

    source: allkpop and ygunited

    Attached 2 File(s)
     Posted: Jan 27 2014, 09:22 PM

    Posts: 13
    Joined: 28-November 13
    Age: N/A
    Location: earth
    Team: A

    you know, it's not really a good idea debuting team b this year. it's only giving both sides' fans more fanwar. it's like killing two birds at a time.

    or just give a member from team b a side project like featuring some yg artist like what they are doing to jennie kim.

    maybe next year or two. beside Winner needs to get more public recognition.

    user posted image
    user posted image

    song mino's girls
     Posted: Apr 23 2014, 12:59 AM

    Posts: 41
    Joined: 14-September 13
    Age: N/A
    Location: Australia
    Team: OT11

    I scream fanwar if Team B were to debut around the same time/year. No matter how much I want them also to debut so badly ... but just have to remember there was THE show and voting for a reason.

    Although I do have nothing majorly against it. Either way.
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